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Elementary Program Overview

“Imagination, moral conscience, and cultural awareness are the sensitive periods of this age.”

Students aged 6 and older are ready for intellectual work on an abstract level. Imagination, moral conscience, and cultural awareness are the "sensitive periods" of this age. As the student's skills in mathematics and language are being developed, the elementary curriculum (for ages 6 to 12) presents opportunities to explore cultural subjects – science, history, geography, and the arts.

The broad variety of Montessori materials in the elementary classroom stimulates multi-sensory learning and independent thinking. The classroom community is a learning laboratory for the child's responsible participation within a democratic society. Frequent field trips and interactions with people from throughout the community are part of the elementary experience.

Our Curriculum Includes:
  • Downhill skiing at Discovery Ski
  • Cross-country skiing at Homestake Lodge
  • Swimming lessons
  • Hiking
  • Ice skating
  • Fall and spring overnight field trips (usually camping trips)
  • Annual drama production
  • Bi-weekly trips to the Butte-Silver Bow Public Library
  • Field trips around Montana
Elementary Program Overview Silver Bow Montessori School

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